“You’re paying for that credit card bill!” I wish I had a cooler story for the origins of Mecca, or should I say Coco (let’s not even go there), but basically, maxing out my mom’s credit card and having absolutely no idea how my broke ass’ was going to pay her backis how Mecca came to be.

Anyone who knew my mother knows that she didn’t kid around; there was only one way out of this one: PAY-UP! So coming back home after brutally abusing Doña Temy’s card on my wild shopping spree, I opened that suitcase, called my girls, and sold every single piece I had bought. Two hours later I was SOLD OUT. Not only had I made enough money to pay my mom back, I had some left. I was like: “I LIKE THISSSSSS!” With the extra money and $1500 dollars my husband – then boyfriend, lend me, we got on the cheapest flight back to Miami and five days later we were back in DR with two suitcases (don’t tell customs) with Mecca’s first official stock.

Picture me and this gigantically heavy suitcase, going from place to place, selling my clothes. Some of my friends even said to me: “Glency, are you really going to walk around with that suitcase?” my answer was always a very STRONG YES!!! I would stroll that suitcase down everywhere, to my girlfriends’ houses (Huge thanks to my girls for their support!), to college and open it up in the bathroom since I wasn’t allowed to sell anything on campus. I never felt ashamed; I was working, and as my mother always said to me: “El trabajo dignifica” (go Google Translate this girls, trust me, it’s worth it!)

Things picked up and my mom let me use one of the spare rooms in my house and I turned it into a very PINK store. It was the best I could do with my budget at the time and for me IT WAS PERFECT (Oh Lord, I was so naïve, LOL). From then on, Mecca grew out of the very pink room to its very first REAL store space and I felt so cool and important, but most of all proud. Two years later, Mecca’s growth was such that we had to move into a bigger space with more than one dressing room. We were so happy  with Mecca’s progress, we had made it to BADASS mode and we were here to stay. We started getting random orders from Europe, Africa, USA, and even Hawaii; plus all of the continuous requests for online sales.

So we decided to embark in this adventure that is www.Mecca.com.do and let me tell you that we’re going ALL IN. We know it’s not going to be easy, but we’re excited to share our view with the world. Fashion is more than the clothes you put on. It’s a part of you; it’s the ability to tell who you are without having to say one word. It’s your chance to show the world what you are made of and we’re pretty sure it’s pure GOLD baby!!!

Welcome badass babe to this new journey, and hold on tight because it’s going to be a crazy, fun ride!!!